News: Loverman

A rock star hiding a vicious crime.

A billionaire’s son fighting for his own identity.

Kemp Lansey and Charles Durant, once stepbrothers. One, now a famous singer. The other, a renowned photographer.

Reunited after eight years, Kemp tells himself that it’s just sex—fierce, damned near bloodletting sex.

Sex and a mutual understanding.

Kemp doesn’t want Charles’ millions.

Charles doesn’t want Kemp’s fame and glory.

Kemp tells himself he can have their new relationship, as long as Charles never finds out Kemp is guarding someone else’s secrets—secrets that drove them apart all those years ago. Secrets that could tear apart the life of someone Kemp loves. Secrets that could end their relationship.

Kemp walked away once. He should walk away again.

All he has to do is hide the truth from Charles.

Because Charles can’t know. Can he?

Loverman Quotes

God, where were they headed with this? This was no game. It was compulsive and dark and dangerous, and there was far too much history between them.


“… you were this incredible new continent, this mysterious place full of wonders and possibilities that I was discovering.”


There was no blue, blue glance sliding over his suddenly tight, prickling skin… No heat in the eyes that met his… No promise of more, always more.