About me

I’m a writer fixated on romance, Noir, reading great books, and singers with voices of pure gravel (ah yes, Tom Waits).

I grew up in Brisbane, where the houses always seemed to be old, on stilts and falling over. Between that, the feral cats we rescued, wild thunderstorms and an eccentric family, it was true Australian gothic. Naturally my first stories were all about the dark and mysterious until I discovered writing M/M romance, which I love for the character driven power and strength of the genre.


…I think if I’d grown up in this particular house I wouldn’t have left, but it does fit the crumbling Queenslander thing I’ve described, only much grander. That said, the inhabitants probably expired from the mad heat while waiting for air-conditioning to be invented. I know I would have.

Inspiration can be seeded from some unlikely sources, that much is a certainty.

photo credit: Horseriders outside a Queenslander home in Kilcoy via photopin (license)


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