Full Moon Moments & Darcy

fmI posted this somewhat crappy photo on Twitter a bit back, a memento of a deep-in-the-night sighting of a monster full moon. The full moon seemed kind of appropriate. That night I emailed the latest draft of my MS back to my (very patient) editor for the next round of edits. The book, which is kind of a beast in terms of length, just a little dark (hmmm), and inhabits the same world as Happy Birthday, will be published later in the year.

I’ll update as it all progresses. In the meantime I’m working on my next book, and on page my lighter and darker angels are battling it out. I always like having some true sweetness—not the saccharine kind, the good actual earthy kind we all need—in the mix. So we’ll see 😉

Otherwise lately I’ve been torturing myself with Prison Break Resurrection (here in Oz we’re only about halfway through) although, yeah, I have happily checked out the spoilers! Thank you people O/S! Without them the suspense would have been brutal.

And just for laughs, enjoy this. It’s brilliant. I love it. What literary work could these two dissect next? Heathcliff/Wuthering Heights? Mr Rochester? Captain Ahab? God, the possibilities are endless. I think they should work their way through the canon of literary hotties. I really, really do.