Legends & Losses

It’s Saturday here, and over the last week or so I wrote a number of posts for review sites, but never updated this one. My bad.

So this week… it started with the news of David Bowie’s death, and closed with Alan Rickman’s. One of the first people I spoke to about Bowie’s passing said it had shocked her because he always seemed so young, and he did.

Aside from sheer genius as a musician and great acting ability, he radiated an incredible, wonderful quality of curiosity about the world that apparently didn’t slow down with the years. I am sure that was a part of his agelessness.

I was going to link to one of my favorite Bowie songs, The Man Who Sold The World, but what the hell, I really love his sense of humor so here you are:

And Alan Rickman… well, I remember him first from Die Hard, then Sense & Sensibility among other movies, and natch, as Severus Snape. I loved his voice, his presence as an actor, and what came through the cameras as a fundamental decency.

Here is one very cool interview with the gentleman:




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